Tell Tiberi: There are No DIY IUDs!

Congressman Pat Tiberi thinks you can buy an IUD over the counter.  He doesn’t know that a doctor has to insert it.

Tiberi had a meeting with constituents about women’s healthcare. Women explained to Tiberi the difference between how men and women are treated when it comes to reproductive healthcare and they expressed concerns that some replacement plans would limit birth control options, including the IUD and other options used for medical reasons.

During the meeting, Tiberi said, “Well why can't you just get an IUD over the counter," according to a Facebook post about it. “I explained that a doctor has to insert it.’’

Women responded to his lack of understanding with outrage.

Tiberi’s lack of knowledge comes as he is quarterbacking efforts to find a replacement to the federal health care law. Among his main criticisms of the law is that it promised Ohioans would be able to keep their doctor but instead it has left them with what he calls “fewer choices.’’

“If Pat Tiberi wants to help find a responsible replacement to the ACA, he needs to show he has a basic understanding of what healthcare options exist for women today,’’ said ProgressOhio Executive Director Sandy Theis. “There are no DIY IUDs.’’

Call Pat Tiberi and tell him to keep the Birth Control Benefit. And tell him there are no DIY IUDs, just as there are no DIY prostate exams.

ProgressOhio is part of the Women’s Public Policy Network which recently produced a report  showing the ACA’s benefits to women.

Please use the report to help educate Congressman Tiberi.

Planned Parenthood reports that fear over loss of the birth control benefit prompted a surge in IUD interest after the election.

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