Tell your State Senator: Vote NO Mike Gonidakis’ confirmation

Gov. Kasich wants to re-appoint anti-consumer crusader Mike Gonidakis to a “consumer’’ seat on Ohio's State Medical Board.

What makes Gonidakis anti-consumer?

One of Mike’s clients is in the dirty business of gouging utility customers. The practice is so shady it’s illegal in 34 states (as of 2012). The Columbus Dispatch did a great investigation into the company about 4 years ago.

Ever since, anti-consumer Mike has blocked legislation to ban his client’s shady practices.

The real reason Gov. Kasich appointed Mike to the Medical Board is because he runs Ohio Right to Life and has helped the Kasich administration close half of Ohio’s abortion clinics and impose a series of new restrictions to make abortion more expensive and harder to access.

Call your Senator and urge a NO vote on Mike Gonidakis’ confirmation to the State Medical Board. Tell the Ohio Senate he does NOT represent consumers.

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