Demand AT&T Protect Ohioans

Less than a year after Republicans passed a massive corporate tax cut bill, AT&T Ohio is trying to cut services for its poor & elderly customers.

AT&T raked in $2.1 BILLION from the corporate tax cuts, but now they're trying to abandon the federal Lifeline program that helps eligible Ohioans afford vital phone or internet services. Over 10,000 customers - including low-income households, the elderly, and veterans - across Ohio are expected to be affected if AT&T withdraws from the program.

The Ohio Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) is collecting comments from Ohioans. Submit either our pre-written one or your own to ProgressOhio by August 28, and we'll send them to PUCO so they know Ohioans oppose AT&T Ohio's greed.

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To the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO):

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