The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from Ohio taxpayers by falsifying and manipulating attendance data. They ran their scam for almost two decades thanks to ECOT owner Bill Lager showering politicians with over $2 million in campaign cash.

FINALLY, thanks to massive political pressure, officials are investigating ECOT. But one of the politicians in charge is Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien, who refuses to return the tens of thousands he received from Bill Lager and his friends.

Other elected officials are scrambling to return ECOT's dirty money, but O'Brien hasn't yet. To make matters worse, O'Brien also took thousands of dollars from disgraced former House speaker Cliff Rosenberger. How can Ohioans trust O'Brien to investigate ECOT if he's been bought off?

Sign this petition to tell O'Brien that he works for Ohioans, not ECOT, and he should return their dirty money.


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Dear Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien,

I demand that you return ECOT's dirty money. As a public servant, you should stand up for all Ohioans, not just those who give you thousands of dollars. Ohioans cannot have faith in an investigation when the investigator has been bought off by those under investigation.

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