Tell Senator Portman: Defend the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid

Republican leaders had vowed to have a bill repealing the Affordable Care Act on Trump's desk the day he took office. But your calls, emails and letters have made the difference and have delayed passage of any legislation. LET'S KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!

The ACA provides health insurance to over 20 million people, including almost 1 million Ohioans: 692,532 through Medicaid expansion and 212,046 through the Marketplace in the first year.

It requires insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions, gives prescription discounts to seniors, allows young adults to stay on a parent's plan through age 26 and gives women access to affordable care and birth control. 

All of these benefits are in jeopardy.

Republicans have indicated that they intend to repeal the ACA through budget reconciliation. The Senate can consider and pass reconciliation bills relatively quickly and with only a simple majority, rather than the three-fifths majority often needed for controversial bills.

Both the House and the Senate have approved their necessary budget resolutions, but further efforts have stalled.

We have a very short window of time to let Senator Portman know that we demand any actions that repeal provisions of the ACA, such as the individual mandate and enrollee subsidies, also include a replacement plan.

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By signing the petition below, an email message will be sent to Senator Portman's office with information on the petition and your contact information.

Senator Portman,

I support the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. While it is not perfect, it provides health coverage to 964,000 Ohioans and provides many benefits to all Americans.

If there are problems with the ACA, I urge you to fix and strengthen them and to not support a repeal of the ACA without a replacement plan in place.
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