Oppose Ohio's "Guns Everywhere" Bill

Concealed handguns do not belong in day-care centers, public areas of police and sheriff offices, or on college campuses. But legislators in Ohio are advancing legislation that would allow just that. Sub H.B. 48 is quickly moving through the General Assembly. In Ohio, there were 1,289 gun deaths in 2013. That averages to 3.5 gun related deaths a day. It’s time to say enough is enough!

Please add your name to the petition below and tell the Ohio Legislature you’re joining with law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, faculty and students in opposing legislation that would allow guns in day-care centers, police stations, and school campuses.

We require your home address so that an email of your petition signature can be sent directly to your State Representative and State Senator. Please take a moment to add your name to the call to action!

We the undersigned, oppose legislation allowing guns in Ohio's day-care centers, police and sheriff offices, airplanes, airports, local government buildings and on Ohio's college campuses. These areas were all determined to be reasonable restrictions when Ohio first passed conceal carry permitting and there is no reason to change them now.

Please oppose Sub. H.B. 48 and help keep these public areas free from gun violence.

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