Support the Ohio Pregnancy Accommodation Bill

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    No woman should ever have to choose between her job and her pregnancy. But in Ohio it’s perfectly legal to deny pregnant women reasonable accommodations that let them work safely as they carry a child. It’s time for the state legislature to stand up for women workers and family values by outlawing pregnancy discrimination.

    The Ohio office of Faith in Public Life has been working with all seven women in the Ohio Senate to urge passage for S.B. 301: The Ohio Pregnancy Accommodation Bill.

    SB 301 would require reasonable accommodations for employees because of pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, unless it would provide an undue hardship on the employer that would require significant difficulty or expense. The most common accommodations sought by employees are relief from heavy lifting, seating during work time, and access to additional bathroom breaks.

    Join us in urging Ohio legislators to protect Ohio pregnant employees! 

    I urge my representatives in the Ohio legislature to support S.B. 301: The Ohio Pregnancy Accommodation Bill.

    No woman should have to choose between her job and her pregnancy. It's time for the State of Ohio to outlaw pregnancy discrimination in the workplace and provide guidelines to employees for providing pregnancy accommodation.

    Providing basic, temporary workplace accommodations for pregnant women is good for their employees and good for the company. The health of both the mother and unborn child are protected and makes it easier for talented workers to stay in their jobs.

    There is nothing partisan about ending pregnancy discrimination. Please join the following bi-partisan sponsors of the legislation:

    Primary Sponsors: Senator Shannon Jones (R) Senator Capri Cafaro (D)
    Co-sponsors: Senator Gayle Manning (R), Senator Peggy Lehner (R), Senator Charleta Tavares (D), Senator Edna Brown (D), Senator Sandra Williams (D), Senator Kenny Yuko (D), Senator Joe Schiavoni (D), Senator Cliff Hite (R), Senator Bob Hackett (R), Senator Tom Paton (R)